High School Math Teacher Mark Biller Is An Inspiration

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High school math teacher Mark Biller is an inspiration and ultimately the reason I decided to become a teacher myself. He has taught at multiple schools over his teaching career, but ultimately found his place at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School in Fort Collins, Colorado where he has been for the past 4 years. Teaching is not an easy thing, but it comes naturally to Mark as he shares his love of numbers with students in an engaging way. Although I only had the opportunity to be in 2 of his classes as a student, I was able to observe Mark’s teaching style more in-depth as a teacher’s aide for all of the classes that he offered as well as receive guidance in my own budding teaching style.
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And when other new teachers act like they know everything, call them out. Do not be afraid to stand up to them and help them to be better teachers or realize that they are not meant to be in education.
Because Legal responsibilities are a daily occurrence, there are many things you need to look out for. Mark thinks one of the most important things to look out for special ed students or students with either a 504 or an IEP. It is critical to make sure to meet their accommodations, no matter how irritating or pointless you feel they might be. Ethical situations are also commonplace and a multitude of situations occur that need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Some hard decisions Mark has had to make include deciding when to tell a punk kid to stop being a macho idiot and when to stand up for a kid when they’re being mistreated, but not bullied by someone else. Also, when to give a student extra time when no one else gets it, but they’re trying their hardest and it’s still not good enough.
Mark Biller describes the educational system like a delicate ecosystem, all parts of it need to work together if things are going to last. If the community does not support a school, odds are the school will have to close-down. If the teachers don’t work with parents, then kids will not get the support they need. If parents do not support teachers, students loose an

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