South East Asia And Parts Of The World Essay

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Unlike America where we are considered a developed country, many parts of the world are still considered as developing countries. These countries are called developing countries because they lack political stability and proper economic development. Countries in the South East Asia and parts of Africa are all categorized as developing countries. All these countries share one major element in common—poverty. Without essential resources, many people living in these countries are living in poverty. Poverty affects the lives of the citizens in these countries, especially young women. In these developing countries, poverty prevents proper education and effective health services for young women. In many cases, young men are more likely to receive an education compared to young women, however poverty only deepens this gap. According to UNICEF’s “State of the World’s Children Report,” 65 million girls are being deprived of education. More specifically, according to UNESCO, 17 million of these girls receive no education at all. Young girls living under poverty in developing countries typically are deprived of their education because their family and the country itself lacks the financial funds to support the girls throughout the school years. Without proper education, young girls are often neglected and are set to focus on domestic endeavors. Their primary job is to work within the family. This prevents women from getting jobs outside the domestic environment. Although some girls do

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