Southwest Airlines Motivational Profile

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Southwest Airlines Motivational Profile A motivational profile can provide insights into whether a company is doing the right thing or requires improvements. Although nearly every company proclaims its goal is to deliver exceptional service, research confirms that the service quality of many corporations is below consumer expectations. Southwest Airlines has created a competitive advantage through valuing employees’ needs as a strategy that motivates them to provide better customer service (Hallowell, 1996). According to Czaplewski, Ferguson, and Milliman (2001), Southwest Airlines was one of only two companies to place in both the top-10 most admired organizations and best places to work. Even though there are specific steps…show more content…
Financial Information for the Last Five Years Bankruptcy is the new solvency for America’s legacy carriers in the past five years. Deregulation, terrorist events from September 9, 2011, and the recent recession are likely culprits but inefficient business practices share in the blame. The growth of low cost carriers helped to push airlines such as Delta and United to file for bankruptcy and enter mergers with other floundering legacy carriers. The latest bankruptcy announcement comes from American Airlines, the last of the legacy carriers to file for Chapter 11 protection (De La Merced, 2011). Heavy debt, inefficient aircraft, and high labor costs are forcing American Airlines to restructure just to compete. Profitable airlines are increasingly dependent on consumer fees, fewer routes, and sold out planes to maintain a positive cash flow. Background of Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines has had its highs and lows while becoming the airline to watch. The Texas-based Southwest Airlines has taken risks and created a reputation for trendsetting and revolutionizing flying (Southwest Airlines, 2011). Most airlines cannot parallel Southwest’s success. The airline began flying through the airspace above Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio by means of three Boeing 737 aircraft. Today Southwest Airlines’
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