Spain 's Plights With Authority

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Spain’s Plights with Authority After the change from the Hapsburg to the Bourbon regime, an effort was made to re-invent the way Spain controlled its colonies. The Bourbons sought to strengthen authority and increase revenue from its South American Colonies, yet this would only create colonial unrest and eventual revolution. Spain’s economic, political, and social decisions are factors that eventually lead the colonists to seek other means of governance. Spain’s economic decisions were a key factor in the eventual colonial reasoning to separate from the crown. Spain, upon discovery of the new world, began vast mining operations extracting and exporting rare earth metals such as gold and silver. Spain needed these exports to finance the multiple wars it waged with England and later revolutionary France. By focusing on mining operations, Spain overlooked the possibility of the agricultural markets that could also bring in much needed revenue. But agriculture in the colonies were only to be used to feed the people and miners. Many creoles disagreed with Spain’s main focus on mining exports and began to sell some of their crops such as cocao, Oaxaca, and indigo as contraband. As this trend became more prominent, instead of stopping the sale all together, the farmers were instead taxed on the contraband they sold. By focusing on gold and silver, Spain also alienated itself from the rest of the world, and didn’t really have anything to offer or trade with the

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