Spanish Conquest Of The New World Essay

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When Europeans discovered the New World the English, French, and Spanish all established settlements ranging from the Southwest to the Northeast. Each came for different reason, lived is various locations, brought a diverse population, ruled differently, and tolerated different religions. These factors determined which country would become the most dominant in the New World. Before the English came to the New World, the Spanish dominated the New World. Their colonies ranged from the Chesapeake Bay to the bottom of South America. The first Spaniard to come to the New World was Christopher Columbus. The early colonist came to the New World on a search for riches. The Spaniard’s diseases and military killed off many Aztecs and Incas during their search for silver, gold, and jewels. Many conquistadores led serval expeditions from Florida through the Southwest of the United States, all driven by treasure. The first fort established in the United States was St. Augustine, Florida. Its purpose was mostly military and for missionaries. Discovering the riches made Spain very wealthy, and settlers traveled to the New World. A majority of settlers came to spread Catholic beliefs. Settlers, soldiers, and conquistadors established an extensive empire …show more content…

They explored the land and developed a fur trade, which helped with their relationship with the natives. The population of New France was slow in the beginning, but eventually after New France was turned into a royal province, and the empire expanded to the Great Lakes and Mississippi River. The government had strict control over the colonies. These was a strong military presence and many soldiers came over from France. Protestants and peasant farmers were not allowed to explore the New World. Life was controlled by the French Catholic clergy. The lack of population sources contributed to the end of the French settlements in the New

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