Spanish Control Of America Analysis

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The English Challenge to Spanish Control of America In this lesson, the start of an important part of history is introduced as well as the rise of England. Queen Elizabeth ruled England at the time when they sent Sir Walter Raleigh to form a permanent colony in North America. This happened in 1587 and the colony Roanoke was formed. This colony unfortunately failed and all the people disappeared, leaving behind the name "Croatoan", whom were an Indian tribe that resided in the same area, carved onto a tree where the colony once stood. Raleigh also claimed a region for England, that is still standing and is now the state of Virginia, named after the unmarried Queen Elizabeth. The fact that Elizabeth is unmarried plays an important role in this …show more content…

In 1588, Phillip sent the so called "invincible" Spanish Armada to attack England and its much smaller Navy. England's navy was referred to as the Sea Dogs, they had much smaller ship which came to their advantage when they sailed much faster than the Armada's. Sir Francis Drake, the leader of the Sea Dogs lead England to victory and the reputation of the masters of the sea. England began to rise in power becoming one of the top two most powerful nations. This victory allowed them to start their colonies much more easily because Spain had fear towards them. England became the dominant power in North America. King James I took throne in 1603, he pushed for more power. In 1606, England chartered the London Company, a company in which investors pooled their money together to establish a permanent colony. In 1607. the company sent the first settlers over to North America and Jamestown was born. John Smith was the leader and established good relations with the Indians and their chief Powhatan. Powhatan, unlike his brother, shared with the English men. He even gave his daughter Pocahontas to one of the Englishmen named John Rolfe. Jamestown's first years were very experimental and did …show more content…

Powhatan died and his brother became chief, the same brother who disliked the Englishmen and everything about them. The new chief planned an attack on Jamestown, killing 346 colonists. Jamestown became a royal colony for protection by the King and followed a government similar to England. From the beginning, democracy was the type of government had in North America. Virginia, the first colony to become a state, had a democratic system of government. Soon after the English established their colony in Virginia, the French and the Dutch began exploring and colonizing North America as well. I would say this is because the other nations realized the wealth and power that could come from colonies in North America. All three nations did avoid colonizing near each other’s borders. The French set up Catholic missions and trading posts throughout their region, they went down the Mississippi river, into the Ohio valley, and along the Gulf of Mexico. They created a trade in animal furs. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans, are just some of the great cities we have today that were founded once as French colonies The Dutch, settled along the Hudson river where New York is today. Their settlement area was

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