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Daswani 1 Diya Daswani October 4, 2012 AP European History Coach Freeman Spanish Conquistadors Different motives throughout the time of exploration leading to the New World affected Spanish attitudes against natives by not only focusing on gold, glory, and God, but by strength and power as well. The age of exploration to the new world was dominated by the Spanish conquistadors. Their success in new discoveries brought great power and strength to Spain. In most circumstances, a country would do anything to become successful in the economy and government. With that being said, Spain every intention based on becoming powerful, which left no thought toward the people living in the New World. God and religion was such an important…show more content…
In my opinion, this source is very reliable due to the fact that Diaz, a Spanish soldier who took part in the conquest, was an author who wrote eyewitness accounts of many events that took place. (POV) Eastern spice trade and their expeditions to the New World brought great wealth and power to Spain. The new discoveries made by the Spanish Conquistadors brought riches in terms of gold and silver to the country. (Document 9) As many people gained positive effects from this, they didn’t care how the gold and silver was being brought. The Spanish had treated the Indians very harshly just so they could get what they wanted. (Document 5) Based on this time in history and society, this source is bias on the topic. Daswani 3 Jaun de Sepulveda only shows interest on one side of the story, which is the treatment of the Aztecs. (POV) The attitude of the Spanish to the people living in the New World was that they were uncivilized and heathen. The natives were abused, oppressed, exploited, and ill treated by the Spanish Conquistadors. The Indians lost their freedom, their rights, their culture and religion. It’s truly shocking

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