Special Care Pregnancies

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One of the requirements is that families who have children enroll at any of the Head Start or Early Start Programs parents are to meet with the Social Worker or the Family Service Worker to complete a Partnership Agreement. The Partnership Agreement is to help families set reachable goals in an attempt to enrich their future and provide a better quality of life for them and their children. Jaclyn came into the center to update her partnership agreement; during this interview we learn that she had been to the doctor that morning, when the she was told by her doctor that she is four months pregnant with her second child. Jaclyn “stated she is not ready to have another baby at this time”, however her son always asks her when he is going to have a brother or sister to play with. Jaclyn also revealed she has gained excessive weight and have been diagnosed with hypertension, “Jaclyn stated she is experiencing bad headache during the day when she is working, and she is not sure how long she will able to work with these bad headache”. Recently Jaclyn’s mother has been bringing her grandson to school. I inquired about Jaclyn; “she stated Jaclyn is in on bed rest, with complication in her pregnancy”. Jaclyn is now twenty weeks pregnant and her headache has become…
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