Special Needs Educational Assistant Essay

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One of the courses the Special Needs Educational Assistant (SNEA) program has for the fall term is the assistive and adaptive technology class. Throughout the course, I learned the kinds of assistive technology (AT)- low tech, mid tech, and high tech- commonly used by students who have special needs. Moreover, we even had the chance to review several apps and the featured accessibilities of Windows and Mac, which are fully relevant and beneficial to students. Also, we had a tour at the iCan Center at Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, which is a refreshing and eye-opening experience as we get to practice how to use some of the AT, which we only get to discuss in class. As the term ends, I can say that my knowledge and skills in technology …show more content…

Knowing and having a deep understanding of how the student’s difficulties or disabilities can help in modifying a lesson plan or in planning a student’s individualized educational program (IPP).
A few months ago, I signed up for the two-day standard first aid – Level C CPR/AED offered at the place where I volunteered. I did my volunteer at the Rehab Services of Michener Services for almost 4 months, twice a week. For that duration, most of the time, I assisted people with developmental disabilities (PDD) with their prescribed exercises. Although the volunteer coordinator advised me to not to go beyond my volunteer duties, I think I had my fair share and full understanding on how to assist someone when it comes to assisting a person with health, hygiene, and safety needs, since it is inevitable not to help the staff (a caregiver for the PDD client) when a situation arises. Also, I try to make myself capable and dependable, especially when it comes to work and meeting the requirements needed, especially as an EA, there are situations that we can’t foresee, like finding ourselves changing a student’s soiled clothes, and/or giving a scheduled medication to a student. Hence, being ready through getting certifications and/or undergoing training helps in creating a safe environment for the student. The easiest skill to practice being productive without wasting time is multitasking (Pavlina, 2005). As a student, doing two different tasks at the same time can

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