Specialty Chemicals From Pyrolysis Of Waste Tire Rubber

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Specialty Chemicals From Pyrolysis of Waste Tire Rubber: A Business Risk Assessment Professional Science Masters of Applied Physical Science Georgia Southern University Meredith C. Smoak April 17, 2015 Abstract This report describes the internship I collaborated with Amiare, LLC, a new startup company. Amiare, LLC, through a patented pyrolysis technology, produces a universal paraffin dispersant which is utilized in the oil and gas industry for enhanced oil recovery and tank bottom cleaning. The overall objective of the internship with Amiare, LLC was to conduct qualitative research, document, and present findings regarding the competitive landscape for a new entrant in the product and service market for chemical treatment of oilfields with reduced or minimal productivity due to the presence and buildup of paraffins and asphaltenes. The rise in crude oil production drives demand for asphaltene and paraffin inhibitors while creating risks identifiable with market entries into the Enhanced Oil Recovery industry. I suggest some qualitative elements from the work of Bruce Merrifield* to help guide my preliminary risk assessment to determine the merit for further quantitative investigation. Introduction Crude oil extractions have been growing continuously worldwide over the years. The challenges for crude oil producers in controlling asphaltene and paraffin deposition in reservoir storage and processing are parallel with the ever increasing rise in

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