Speech About Bullying

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Bullying has been in the media spotlight for years now. Most people have been affected by bullying at some point in their lives. Some have been targeted while others have witnessed it. No matter who you are, bullying has probably had a negative impact on you. I was once bullied by someone I had considered a close friend. In the early months of 2013, I met a girl (let’s call her Tiffany) and we quickly became friends. I thought she was a very nice and intelligent girl at first, but as time progressed, Tiffany began to change for the worst. Whenever I said something she didn’t agree with, she would either shove me down or she would make fun of me and try to make me seem stupid. I would ask her to stop, but I never told anyone what was going on. Her father had told everyone that Tiffany had Asperger’s Syndrome (which later turned out to be incorrect) and I felt sympathetic for Tiffany. Whenever she was rude to me I would feel angry at first, and then remind myself that she didn’t truly understand that what she was doing was wrong. One day Tiffany and I were going to play soccer with some other kids. Tiffany told me to keep score instead of playing because she didn’t want me to “make her team lose.” I responded with something she didn’t like, although I don’t remember what it was. Next thing I knew, Tiffany knocked me onto the ground and pinned me. My arm began to bleed, but I still didn’t say anything other than “Tiffany please get off of me.” I began walking

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