Speech About Civil Rights Freedom

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Hundreds years later the negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of prosperity.1954 the day when African Americans were marching down on 6th street to fight for the civil rights freedom. I saw the kids leaving the classrooms to go march down the streets with my fellow classmates and i decide i want to fight for our freedom so i left school to go down 6th street and protest for our civil rights freedom. All i heard was the sounds of dogs and firehose being launched at my fellow African Americans and then i could also hear the sounds of everyone saying let us have our civil rights freedom we want them back now we won't stop until we have them. Martin Luther once said my fellow African Americans are freedom is nearly here he just have to keep fighting for our freedom and not let nothing stop use. Rhetoric was important back then because Martin Luther King wants to show to us that we can't give up we have to keep fighting until we have our freedom unless we want to live the rest of our lives in slavery. We want to stop the whole racial inequality and slavery and end poverty and just live in a peaceful environment and live in harmony and live together in brotherhood. They think they can boss us around but i think not we have to stop letting them boss us around and stop racial inequality and show that we should have the right to do what we want in our life. Martin Luther King Once said The powers that be rule over a racist society filled with

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