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Novice fitness

For most fitness novices, starting a new fitness program can easily cause some mistakes and lead to physical injury. Then Xiaobian tell you how to exercise in the end how to exercise, pay attention to what fitness errors.

How do gymnastics exercise?

1, to improve physical fitness

Because the constitution is not good, so the first thing to do is to improve the physical quality, their heart and lung function, muscle and nerve response, improve the ability to adapt to back training.

Movement mode:

(1) 1 ~ 2 months in the treadmill every day in the slow speed, running up to 30 ~ 40 ~ 50 minutes, if starting from 30, when the feeling of 30 no pressure, the difficulty of holding up to 40 minutes, and finally to 50 minutes.
(2) After running, the muscles of the …show more content…

But unfortunately, this time, we are tired of the day's work exhausted, just want to go to bed quickly. Exercise it, "tomorrow to say it." Please do not let this classic mistake!

Therefore, it is best to arrange the movement at the right time, can help you refreshing, improve work efficiency, and you also have the passion to follow the fitness program.
5, misunderstanding: do not like fitness
To do not like the fitness exercise, this is the least mistake. For example, you do not like jogging, always feel boring jogging process, but you have to start losing weight and start a jogging plan, I bet you can not stick with it.

So, in your fitness program, be sure to include your favorite, or feel funny, or at least do not hate sports. For example, I like to play tennis, so tennis is the most important sport in the fitness program.

Conclusion: The above content we all know? For novice fitness, the best solution is to focus on your favorite sport and then add other fitness items you need, so you are more likely to stick to

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