Speech About Hard Work

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As an eighteen-year-old college student AND mom, life is definitely not the easiest but, I make it work. Doing college and taking care of my son is like working 60 hours a week while having your “baby boss” tell you what you can and cannot do and when you can and cannot do your own work. Sometimes, I think it is too hard to keep pursing my education and that I should focus on taking care of Finn and get a job immediately but, then I begin to think about my future and the future of my family. That’s what keeps me motivated. I want to become successful. Not just the average successful but, above and beyond. I want to be the best me there is. I know that all comes through hard work and dedication. I haven’t spent 13 years in school to just stop now. I have spent all that time in school, training and preparing myself and my mind to be able to learn more than I ever have in college and follow my career path that I plan to take.
I am not only furthering my education for myself, I am doing it for my family. I want to be a prime example for my son, Finn, to see and admire all of the hard work I have put into being successful, in hopes that he will strive to follow in my footsteps. I hope that he sees me and it inspires him to follow his dreams of becoming whatever he wants to be.

I remember as a kid, young teen, even up into this last year, I have contemplated where I wanted to take my future. I had thought about everything as a child from being a baker, to interior design, to

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