Speech About My Grandmother

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We are all blessed with our grandparents. Some of us are lucky to spend a few hours, days, or weeks with them. I know I am definitely lucky to still have my grandmother around, however, she is not quite there. My baba (grandmother in Serbian) was the most independent and loving human being I have ever come across. She was constantly putting her children, grandchildren, and people she did not even know first. Baba was “the rock” of our family, keeping us all together, until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I will never forget the day I found her house a wreck. The situation really hit my family hard because the fun, loving baba we all knew would soon start to forget due to this awful disease and would later have to move in with us. Baba lived a wild life. She was born in Yugoslavia to a family of farmers. Baba’s mother died when she very young so she would jump from house to house within her family. She came to the United States when she was only 18 and married my deda (grandfather ins Serbian). My grandparents had three boys Vladimir, Zoran, and my father, Mile. Due to our Serbian ethnicity, we would go to church every Sunday and Baba would cook our family huge home-made lunches. Baba’s food was beyond delicious. Everything would come out great; she would never miss a step. However, in just a few days, her life and our lives would be turned upside down.
Baba lived alone on the upper East side of Chicago where my parents were both from. After my deda passed away,

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