Speech For A Welcome Speech

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You're walking home after a good night with friends or family. You're 29 years old and Your flat is 700 m away with your husband or wife is awake waiting for you to open the door. But that moment never happened imagine walking in the streets with a hopeful light showing the way it's reaching 1 AM and you're walking past your local chemist you're unaffected by the alcohol see you calm and don't walk astray. Imagine walking down that this was your final walk. Knowing that there was someone behind you. Your 400m away from the safety of your home. Until all the sudden a man is forcing you into a dark laneway and the rest will be history would you die that night, you'll be raped and killed your story would end and your laughter would end. Your body will be found six days later 500 km away from where you were killed However the man that killed you that night took your freedom away and he would live on. This story could happen to anyone. So I thank you for coming today I welcome you to today's rally. Enough is enough. Today I'll be protesting the act of allowing rapists, sex offenders, and paedophiles back into our street. Where are children go to school where our parents our wives our husbands and our family members not be worried if something happens in pure daylight in the darkness of night. My name is Tanya Maxwell we are here today standing on the steps of the Parliament house with over 100 supporters. But enough is enough cause is centred on stronger sentencing for
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