Speech Gestures Are Tightly Aligned With The Rhythm Of Speech

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1. Co-speech gestures are always tightly aligned with the rhythm of speech: discuss

Depending on the specifics of what is being said gestures are tightly aligned with the rhythm of speech for example, if you are talking about how good your breakfast was, you would speak and make a gesture to describe what it is you ate so, when you say “breakfast was good” you would rest then prepare your gesture and hold it until you are ready to finish or stop making emphasis on the food you ate with your gesture. When we speak we tend to gesture simultaneously without putting much thought into it and often when we raise our voice or the rhythm of our speech changes our gestures may become repetitive or be bigger to describe our frustrations or excitement or any other emotion felt at the time. The Gesture group that the use of speech and gesture is determined on the basis of their time-based occurrence which is that the gesture signals are semantically connected to our speech signal that has happened within the same time as the gesture. For example when somebody says “ I want to go over there” or “Lets go over there” the gesture or pointing or hand gesture will be made simultaneously without thought showing to us. Gestures are just like speech, gesture is the label for visible bodily actions. Moreover, yes gesture is tightly aligned with our feelings and thoughts and aligns with speech and it is evident within our body language in addition to our speech.

2. Co-speech aligns with gesture…

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