Speech Language Pathologist Research Paper

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There are more than 100,000 Speech-Language Pathologists in the Unites States, 70% of which find themselves employed in elementary or secondary schools. Since the 1950’s, speech teachers have worked with children to improve their speaking or hearing disabilities as well as struggled with the size of their caseload and workload. Groups and organizations have made efforts to solve this problem; none have been fruitful. This is caused by a lack of adequate backing or support. Speech-Language Pathologists employed in schools face many difficulties concerning caseload and workload, including general issues, caseload stress, student placement, and even job shortages.
In the field of speech-language pathology, there are hardships that SLPs must simply work through to meet …show more content…

Otherwise, they may face criticism and scrutiny from parents and administrators. Failing to perform to expectation can leave an SLP feeling inadequate and useless. Filling out mountains of paperwork thoroughly is another cumbersome duty that is to be completed even if the SLPs have to take it home and work on it in their off time (Yeh 2). More stress that befalls Speech-Language Pathologists is the lack of funding necessary to acquire teaching materials (Yeh 2). Luckily, there are resources online available for SLPs to gather materials that have been provided by other SLPs. While there are complications that can be conquered, there are those that are simply non-flexible, such as school scheduling (Yeh 4). SLPs are fortunate if they get an even amount of students in each class period. Otherwise, they end up with a large number of students that can be difficult to tend to all at once. These responsibilities can be overwhelming to Speech-Language Pathologists, particularly those who put their all into their

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