Speech : My Mom 's Voice

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“Вставай уже, больше не надо спать. Идти выбирать ягоды.” My mom’s voice bellowed through that house. Our morning wakeup call which roughly translated to, “Get up already, that’s enough sleeping. Get ready and go pick berries.” I turned to look at my clock, wondering why I was listening to her rude awakening instead of my alarm clock. 5:23 am. Seven minutes before my alarm was supposed to have gone off. Before doing anything I laid in bed contemplating on how much trouble I would get in if I would just go back to sleep. “You guys complain about having no money, get up and go make some”, she ranted on and on. It had been a daily thing for a couple weeks now. I effortlessly learned to turn her out. It was that time of the year again. The excitement of school ending, as days grew longer and warmer. Most children my age looked forward to summer break. Waking up early to watch cartoons with a huge bowl of lucky charms in front of them, or sleeping in late finally feeling refreshed after losing precious hours during the school year. Not me, my summers consisted of rising before the sun did to get the best rows on the strawberry field that was nearly three steps out the back door on my grandparent’s farm. The berries were normally ready for harvest about June 17th, so my brothers and I got a cherished eight days of freedom before the life of berry stained hands and unsightly farmers tans came about. As if on cue my grandfather is pounding on the back door. I mosey my way down
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