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Life is like a bumpy road and to get through it, he or she will need a good car, ask any a person who have lived their lives and have settled down and they will agree. Going through life is easy, however succeeding in it is tricky. The things he or she will need to get through the rocky road of life will be much more important than the car you start out with. To start thy shall need extra tires for back-up ,then driving skills to maneuver and lastly the drive not to sleep while driving. All that was said might sound like tips for an off-roading trip but my analogy is plausible, to explain let us begin with the car of life, that car represents him or her, the genes they were born with and the wealth of their families, next is the spare tires which are like thy savings and back-up plans, lastly are his or her driving skills and thy drive, thy driving skills are his or her skills that they have trained and thy drive is his or her personality.

Above all other details these quirks are decedent of where he or she will end up in life besides natural talent of course. To go in detail a timeline is in order, and to start of that timeline we start at your birth. Being born to a generally wealthy family most likely ensures a good education, work hard and he or she will get good grades to showcase at a future interview for a job but
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To synthesize, one will always need education for thy future, train thy skills and personality, work hard towards what you want and try not to end up like the main character of "The interview" ( he has no money and can not get a job). So reflect on thy car and its parts because it's more than just its sum, successful people realized that earlier and so should you. Look to the future and see if you can get through that bumpy road with
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