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The coconut oil can cure all diseases.
Coconut oil is a natural gift of all-round nutrition food. It is the best natural disinfectant, fungicide, antibiotics, disease prevention and treatment of specific drugs.
I believe you never thought. Coconut oil was originally a godsend cure all the magic drugs, cheap, easy to get, safe and no side effects and convenient magic
Coconut can cure what disease?
• eat a lot of papaya at breakfast. After two hours, drink 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
• If there is no obvious effect, do for three days.

• Heat the coconut oil to about 60 ° C.
• Apply to any part of the body's pain, massage by heart - depending on the location and circumstances.
• Drink a cup of coconut water every day, and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Elderly spot
• rubbed every day in a spotted spot .
• Take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily.

Lipstick bursts, dermatitis
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Is the daily life of the coconut blessing everywhere.
Specific implementation: very simple, from today, from this change the cooking oil choice - absolutely no longer eat manure, all the kitchen oil as much as possible instead of coconut oil instead. A small amount of cold pressed olive oil, amber seed oil, camellia oil, cashew oil, almond oil, butter oil is also good.
• eat a lot of coconut green drink coconut green water.
• Use coconut products as much as possible, such as coconut, coconut honey, coconut snacks, coconut milk, etc., and use coconut oil to skin care and cure.

In fact, as long as the use of coconut diet law, not only slim magic effect, and a wide range of patients subsided, energetic, the skin is more beautiful yet.

How to eat coconut governance diabetes
Diabetes is the main problem of sugar, the disease is the result of long-term eating a lot of unfavorable health

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