Speech On Concussions

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He set me up perfectly with his last answer for my next question, have you ever been mistreated by a patient? Being that Beyoncé is always loud, he laughed humorously and told me there had been a couple of times this has happened to him. He wouldn’t stop laughing and told me I was not going to believe this story. I told him I couldn’t wait to hear it but he kept me hanging as he continued to snicker. He hunched over and looked around us and leaned closer to me as he talked in a softer voice. “One day a man in his 30s came in and kept saying he was smarter than me and he knew more about his body and how it works then me.” He rolled his eyes as he mocked this man. “The argument got so far that the man set up a challenge to see who was the smartest. …show more content…

He told me the most specific injury that cases problems is concussions. Parents and the child don't take it seriously and go back to physical activity too soon, only to cause more symptoms and problems for themself. “This I can’t blame on the parent though because children are responsible for speaking up about their injury. We make sure to educate our patients on their injury, but many don't listen to the important details.” This subject really seemed to bother him as he fidgeted in his chair. He continued to tell me he once had a soccer player play a game without being cleared and got hit in the head his first game back. The boy ended up having to go the PT for a whole year and fell behind in school unable to do work. This sparked a lot of conversation since both of us were athletes in high school. I talked about how it wasn’t until my senior year that PIAA initiated concussion protocol and tests for all sports. “I like that now a days there are a lot more concussion protocols. This is for everyone’s best interest. It's a step forward in the right direction” Cody …show more content…

I was curious how much paper work Beyoncé had to do a day? How much for each patient? Does it vary? How long does it take? He told me that is varies daily, but he usually writes 15 notes a day, one for each patient he saw. He explained to me that for each patient you have to do an evaluation note, a discharged note, a progress report every x amount of time, and a note every time they receive care. In total, per week he sees anywhere from 60-80 patients and has to write notes for every single one of them. As a center, the six physical therapists do about 300 notes per week. I couldn't believe that but he assured me it wasn't as much work as it sounds. He did mention that you have weekly and month legal and insurance paper work to do but most of the time that is manger work. He also added that Medicare and federal aid always have the most paper work and strictest rules to abide

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