Speech On Farewell Speech

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Fellow graduates, classmates,staff members, school board members, family and friends, it is my pleasure to be the speaker of the 2018 graduating class, how I got picked to give this speech I have no idea, but we are here and i’m here just to graduate just like the rest of us. Some of us might just be going to Harvard on the hill also known as Crafton Hills College or some of us might be going away to a four year university and probably will end up dropping out because it's so expensive and move back home working at Mcdonalds making minimum wage, one thing we all have in common is we all suffered and we all think we are going to be rich and move out of this tiny boring town, but in reality we won’t, but hey we are here and we all are graduating. Shout out to all the families and friends that wanted to come watch a bunch of kids you don’t know graduate and watch the one person you come for walk past a tiny stage to grab a piece of paper for a solid 2 minutes. Also, Walt Disney for creating Disneyland and giving me good reason to ditch school all the time to enjoy a lovely day at Disney. He once said “If you dream it you can do it” and we all dreamed we would graduate high school so we can spend a life saving ongoing to more school and hate it even more. Anyways, since i’m here i’m going to share of life stories because i know you all have been worried about what’s happened in my life.

Since we all are close here and nobody is actually paying attention i'm going

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