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Think you’ll be able to pull focus without measuring for it? Think again, because you will not be able to do so.
If we were to ask you the reason why the 1st assistant camera (AC) is also known as the “Focus Puller”, what would you say? It is because a follow focus puller knows how to shoulder that single responsibility when it comes to keeping a subject in focus which is so amazingly valued, that there’s an entire job, in fact a career solely devoted to it.
There’s no denying the fact that focus pullers and camera assistants have a lot more to do than just spinning a disc which is attached to a lens for 12 hours a day, but this single act deserves the applause being the most remarkable contribution that one makes to a film.
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Measuring for focus should be the utmost goal because focus is set as well as decided upon through distance. Without getting into lens optics, you’re basically giving instructions to the lens which light rays you want focused on the film or sensor plane at a certain distance.
Do you think your eyes you can do wonders the way tools do? Never! Your eyes will never be as precise as your tools. Well, if you strive hard, you can achieve an exceptional level at guessing distances, but don’t you forget that not a single person will ever as exact as a dependable tape measure? Keep in mind that guessing the distance and knowing the same are two different entities when it comes to pulling focus.
Even until now it seems to be the most trusted way to keep a subject in focus. As far as the back focus on a camera is set in the right way, you will not have a subject standing at 8 feet out of focus when the lens is set to 8 feet. As simple as that!
Before the arrival of crisp monitors of digital cinema cameras and much enhanced monitoring of contemporary film cameras, distance marks had a lot to do with how effectively you pulled focus. With no monitor to support on, no peaking at all – it was your tape measure, your eyes, and last but certainly not least, the

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