Speech On How To Get Rid Of A Dead Body

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How to dispose of a dead body

First of all, I?m going to set my examples of getting rid of a dead body from a TV show called ?Dexter.? The Items you need are (Plastic Wrap, Stapler, Black Trash Bag, a collection of knives or a knife, etorphine which is used drug elephants, a boat, a needle, and an empty place to make the killing).
I?m only teaching this for a good cause because sometimes there are people who deserve to get punished but they get away with it. Or they are double faced they do right stuff in front of people and bad Stuff behind the knowing of people.
I?m going to tell you now how to use these items.
First of all, you will use an isolated empty room to take your victim there while he is drugged, then use the thick plastic paper to staple it to the roof and the walls …show more content…

Then drug them using the etrophine, using etrophine is more guaranteed because it is to drug elephants so it will affect the victim strongly and he will not wake up.
Next, you take your victim and drag them to your car. Make sure that nobody is following or watching you.
Take your victim to the Place you had set up earlier which is the Kill room. Place them on the table and wrap them in the Plastic wrap. You should make sure that you got enough plastic wrap before you start doing anything, and remember to wrap them with the enough amount of wrap.
After you covered your victim, you should start covering the room with plastic wrap. Staple the plastic wrap to the ceiling and the walls not leaving any place for the blood to leak and also make sure to use the 4-millimeter type of wrap its stronger than the original one and it won't break or rip apart. Here is a picture of how the Kill room should look

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