Speech On Smart Phones

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Do you have a smart phone? Do all of your friends have smart phones? Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone? Well neither do I. But isn’t our prized possession and dearest friend Mr. smart phone making us rather dumb. Isn’t it harming us in more ways than we care to acknowledge? Then isn’t it time we did something to save ourselves and the future generations. If we were to go back into our childhood, we would recollect how often we used to go to our friends and relatives homes to spend the evening or day with them. And no we never felt the need to check with them beforehand if we could drop by. We used to spend time with each other in face to face communication and our relationships were stronger, closer and more honest. But today we hardly visit any family and friends and all meetings and conversations are through the smart phone on the social media. No wonder the relationships are fickle, superficial and do not last for long. For this very …show more content…

Do you find it difficult to stay away from your mobile for over 15 minutes? Well, if you answered with a yes, then you are already a phone addict! Such people stay awake whole night to socialize, chat, watch videos, talk to friends and play games. If mobile usage is restricted for such a person, they get anxious to get it back. Smartphone addicts, especially teenagers, find it really hard to sleep at night. Do you wonder why your friend looks so stressed out all the time? Well, did you notice how addicted he/she is to their mobiles? Spending hours looking at the small screen can do more damage to your eyes than you can imagine. Have seen your friends slouching over their mobile phones for hours at a stretch. Slouching can strain the back muscles as well as the neck and cause back and neck pain. Phones can potentially distract a person and increase a risk of traffic accidents. Also, phone addicts find it difficult to concentrate while working or

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