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If superpowers are concerned, there is nothing more cool than these. Welcome to Today, we will count with the Top 10 of the best superpowers. Andrew, we can fly. In this list, we will see superpowers from a variety of sources, whether comics, movies or television. "It's time for a beating. "It's catchy, is not it?" Number 10: Super speed. "Is it a teleporter?" "No, it's just fast. And when I met him, I was not so young. Speaking of never being late. With supervelocicidad, can arrive to any side at any time and have time to stop on the way. Superheroes like Flash and Quicksilver brought this power to the limit with the ability to create whirlwinds and break the barrier of time, among other great skills. Be careful, Barry. You …show more content…

Where the hell are we? Chameleons can be fused with the background according to your needs, but those who change shape can do more. They can change their appearance to look as they want. Welcome, Professor. It is more surprising that some, like Mystique by X-Men, can imitating the voices of other people. "Even the voice. - "Even the voice". Advise someone to be themselves is good, but we believe that these are the exception. I point out something that could save your life X-MEN: FIRST GENERATION Number 8: Superforce. We doubt that anyone would …show more content…

With telekinesis, also known like psychokinesis, there are no limits for what they can move or do with the mind. A thought can move a pencil across the table or crush a car as if it were cotton candy. POWER WITH NO LIMITS (2012)
20TH CENTURY FOX Do not you reach the lightsaber? Problem solved. STAR WARS: EPISODE V
THE EMPIRE CONTRAATACA Do you need to contain a giant wave to save his friends? Ready. We do not want to know what happens when someone with telekinesis has a headache. I do not want to fix it. X-MEN: THE FINAL BATTLE (2006) Before revealing to number 1, here are some mentions of honor. FLEXIBILITY PIROQUINESIS VISION OF X-RAYS MAN OF STEEL (2013)
METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER Number 1: Traveling in time. Why not give life a spark? traveling to another time? Back to the past to amend a mistake perhaps. I will never get there in time to change. Or go to the future to see what happens to what they do now. There is no need to be so serious. Why not visit your character historical favorite Or use knowledge of the future for your benefit? He projects Bishop days ago to warn

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