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Taking the mask off: It’s time to stop being someone we aren’t
In today’s day and age, there’s a common problem that each teenger inevitably faces along the way through adolescence. We try to find out who we are and what we want to become, but this is becoming ever more difficult. Nowadays in the age of technology, we have thousands of people around that rub off on us one way or the other. We have all of these influences around us, most of whom are either non-beneficial or unattainable. These, along with the ever-present peer pressure, make us become someone that’s far away from who we really are, something that we should attempt to move on from. It seems like today the overwhelming question for teenagers is should they put on a fake persona for the sake of being accepted or live every day unfiltered at the risk of being scrutinized?
When we step outside the friendly confines of our home, we prepare a face to show to the rest of the world, one that shows we are living a great life and having everything going right for us. We are expected to always put on a persona and show that our lives our great. On social media, we all post pictures of us in our best moments; We show when we’re on vacation, when we’re at a bonfire with friends, or when we’re sitting in the suite level at a sporting event. However, we never show the negatives; the times when we get a bad grade, a family member is sick, or an argument between you and a friend. I know I do the same things

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