Speech Pathology And Audiology : Science Behind Our Voices

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In today’s modern society advancements in the technological aspect of Speech Pathology and Audiology has begun to change the way clinicians test, treat and asses their clients. Without the science behind our voices, we only have the perception of what we hear to rely on to study them. This can be a problem because not everyone perceives sounds the same way. Instruments help set a universal understanding of speech science by providing accurate images, measurements and assessments of sounds. In clinical practice popular instruments such as the oscilloscope, visi-pitch and pratt have immensely influenced and aid in enhancing the field of Speech pathology. The use of instrumentation is extremely important in this health care field because they show the difference between physical and psychological phenomenon. The psychological aspect has to do with the unique individual that is hearing the sound. For example, everyone can hear the same note but hear all different pitches and intensities. Although the note being played only has one volume and frequency some people think it is louder than others and some thing it is higher than others. It is important to have the physical map and exact measurements of what we are hearing because we all hear things differently. This concept is relative to the cycle known as the speech chain. The speech chain incorporates both physical and psychological aspects of thinking, hearing, listening, and producing

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