Speech : Speech And Language

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Many of the different cultures are shaped by the languages of the world. Language is a lot more than just a way of communicating. There are varieties of Languages on this earth. It can be mistaken for its meaning and how it can affect the world around us.
Language pertains to speech. Speech and language are two different things. Language is a system of communication which can be spoken or written. Language can also be a method of communication used by a society. Language is made of social rules, which are, the meaning of a word, making new words, putting words together, and word combinations. Language is a unique way of communication and it is learned rather than inherited. Speech is the phrase of or the capability to express
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Yet, only 3% of the world’s total, some 225 languages, are indigenous to Europe. Most of the world’s languages are spoken in the broad area on either side of the equator. ” So the languages that was brought to the U.S. by immigrants, colonist and other parts of the world make up a huge proportion of languages used today. There was once thousands of languages spoken in America. Now there are about 250 in the United States today. Some are more acceptable than others.
The most common and most acceptable language is English. The Native American language have died over time. The amount of different languages has shrunk because of the ancestor’s prevalence to speaking English. Language displays diversity between everyone. Each language sees the world differently and is the produce of its history. Each one have its very own identity.
Everyone should be able to speak it and they can. Braille is a way for blind people to read. It is not a language but is mistaken for one. It is a code many languages use that can be written or read in their own native language, so it is a means of literacy for all languages. “The Indian Sign Language” was used between tribes that didn’t speak the same language.
Language is further than just a purpose of communicating between people. In 2002 there was a Washington D.C. murder trial. The man’s story was that mysterious black
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