Speech : Speech And Language

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Many of the different cultures are shaped by the languages of the world. Language is a lot more than just a way of communicating. There are varieties of Languages on this earth. It can be mistaken for its meaning and how it can affect the world around us.
Language pertains to speech. Speech and language are two different things. Language is a system of communication which can be spoken or written. Language can also be a method of communication used by a society. Language is made of social rules, which are, the meaning of a word, making new words, putting words together, and word combinations. Language is a unique way of communication and it is learned rather than inherited. Speech is the phrase of or the capability to express mental thought or an impression and verbal communication. Speech consist of articulation, speech sounds being made or pronounced, voice, using the vocals, and fluency, the rhythm of speech. There is speech and language disorders. Speech disorder is when a person has a hard time pronouncing words and sound correctly. They can also have problems with their voice resonance. Language disorder is when a person has problems with sharing thoughts, ideas, understanding others, and feelings. Language or speech disorder can happen in any culture.
There are various forms of language. On planet earth there are more than 8 billion people that speak about 7,000 different languages. “96% of the world’ languages are spoken by just 4% of the people. Europeans…
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