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When I was told I had to take Speech for my Associates degree I was outraged. Not only had I taken a speech class before, but I was exposed to multiple speech competitions in middle school. I did not see why it was necessary for me go through this class. I knew how to talk to people, I could write a speech in my sleep, and reciting information to others was something I believed I was efficient with. I was very wrong. Not only did this speech class teach me how to be a better speaker, it also exposed me to social concepts I had never thought about before. By taking this class, I learned more about society and how perception and language affects it, I learned how to work in a group setting, and learned more about myself as a person. Before taking this class, I was very ignorant to how perception affect us and how we interact with others. The concept of self-concept, language complexity, and cocultures were something I was oblivious to before this class. It baffles me how our society function and how simple things like nonverbal cues affects how we interpret others and how we are interpreted. One of the most interesting discussions concerning society and perception was the topic of saying “you guys.” I never thought about how it could be considered sexist or offensive in anyway. I just saw it as a way to address a large group of people, but it is very damaging to our society. (Adler, Rodman, & du Pre, 2014) Prior to taking this class, I believed I knew how group projects

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