Speech on Twins

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Speech on Twins- In the United States there are thousands of babies born every day but how many of them are twins? Twins today are more common than they once were. There is actually a 3 percent chance that if you are pregnant right now you could be having twins. Twins are something miraculous and special. I have had the pleasure of meeting seven different sets of twins in my life time thus far. Only one set is older than I am while the rest range from juniors in high school to just starting pre-school. Today, I am going to talk to you about three things. First I am going to discuss the bond that most sets of twins share. Secondly I will address individuality and its importance among twins. Last I will talk about the difference …show more content…

This helped the girls as they grew older to have their own style and become more independent. The girls are still close but Tom is confident that they could live separate lives without having any issues. No matter how much you support individualism however, the relationship between the twins will still be strong and will always be present. Furthermore, twins when conceived are either

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