Speed Control of Linear Induction Motor Essay

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Executive Summary
VVVF drives used to control the speed of LIM, many industrial automation worldwide such as Trains drives, Automatic Screen Door, Moving Walkway, Lift and Escalator, etc., varying the speed of the drive may save energy compared with other techniques for flow control.

This mid-term report prepared for detailing how to design and build the structure of LabVIEW simulation for speed control of Linear induction motor and explaining the characteristic of V/F Speed control for Induction motor obtain the data by LabVIEW.

The design and build of simulation has two parts, part one is simulation of LED indicator for motor speed recognize and part 2 is simulation of V/F speed control of Linear induction motor. Firstly, design …show more content…

Thus, the relevant equipment for interior of MTR Station to dredge the passengers crowd was important. Wherein the many equipment of Industrial Automation worldwide were used the V/F Speed Control of Linear Induction Motor which the Trains themselves, Automatic Screen Door, Moving Walkway, Lift and Escalator etc. Moreover, the MTR would also produce energy in a much cleaner, more energy saving, and more sustainable manner. The neglect of this energy source is restricting the MTR from increasing its sustainability and accessibility.

Literature search
Methods of Achieving Sustainability In this project suggests several ways to make the system more sustainable. (Variable speed appliance for energy saving included curtain pullers, trains themselves, automatic screen door, moving walkway, lift and escalator, compressors and pumps, catapults and launchers.) There are many discussed with respect to their "Efficiency of use and Conservation". These are defined as follows:
 Conservation: Changing policy and/or processes of the MTR system so that it requires less energy to operate.
 Efficiency of Use: Changing the nature of technologies within the MTR so that they require less energy to operate. While both these approaches are valid ways of increasing sustainability, it is important to tackle the problem of sustainability from numerous angles. It can be assumed that developments will be made to achieve both conservation and high

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