Cordillera Rocky Mountains

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Region: Western Cordillera
Rocky Mountains
River, lakes
Layers of sedimentary rocks

Rock types:
Sedimentary rocks are found in Banff
Build up of sediments
Compressed for a long period of time
Oldest layer is at the bottom, youngest layer is at the top
Sedimentary rocks may contain fossils of animals

Era created:
Paleozoic Era
First animals and plants appear on land

Discovered in 1883 railway workers discovered a hot spring and from there the park was discovered
Established in 1885

Relative: Calgary, Alberta
Absolute: 51.4968° N, 115.9281° W
Located in the South west corner of the province Alberta
Located in the Western Cordillera
Banff’s mountains shows an abundance of different forms of shapes, that were affected by the rock …show more content…

I think certain animals that can live/survive in the harsh cold weather are found in this region. This is because in the mountains the weather is mostly cold and strong animals such as the grizzly bear, Cougar, lynx and many more can live in this weather because of their strong body and their fur. As well there is many forests where these animals can find food and shelter. Moreover, because of the harsh weather there only a limited amount of reptiles and amphibians in the park.

Aquatic Ecosystems:
Provide clean water
Homes to over 15 fish species

The closest major city to Banff National Park is Calgary with a distance of 130 …show more content…

Tourists visiting Banff National Park, should not be feared by bears or any type of animals. Make sure you have your bear spray in case of any emergency.

“Prepare: carry bear spray & know how to handle an encounter

Be aware - look ahead & watch for tracks, droppings, and diggings

Let bears know you’re there - travel in a group & make noise”

Sustainability: The ability for anything to continue running forever

Town of Banff has a new “environmentally innovative public transit system”( The purpose of these busses are to increase ridership, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support Banff’s “Environmental Stewardship Policy—to nurture a sustainable community with a balanced approach to social and economic development”(


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