Speed Painting Essay

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What is speed painting?

Speed painting is art that is carried out in a set period of time, where the clock determines how much time an artist has. This can be anything from minutes to a couple of hours. After the time is up, an artist can no longer make any additional changes to the work. Speed painting can be helpful for beginner artists to learn painting techniques, and for experienced artists to practice their skills without over-thinking their work.

Speed painting is often carried out by digital artists, who learn to work quickly and efficiently, but do not require the ‘drying time’ that is required by wet painters. Artists in the film industry, who create storyboards and often rely on creating multiple concepts rather than a single polished idea, often use speed drawing to …show more content…

They are often forgotten by artists, but are fun to use, easy to create, and are a great option to think of when designing or speed drawing. On days when your work takes on an abstract element, you can play with custom shapes, using a brush for layering, copying, repeating and transforming them into art.

Focus on colour and texture

Experiment by filling a canvas with colour, and adding texture. Instead of trying to paint something specific, use a large brush to simply apply colour to the canvas. This playful and experimental technique will help you to see what emerges, without going into a detailed painting. Keeping brushes large means you won’t be able to go into too much detail. You can have fun with texture or transparency, allowing a new vision to emerge.

Limit your use of

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