Spellbinding Metaphors In Plato's Phaedo

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Intro to Philosophical Thkg 8:00
30 September, 2017
Test 1
One of the most spellbinding metaphors in Plato's Phaedo that shows the struggle between the body and the soul is a description of the body as a prison for the soul, so the soul is a prisoner that stuck within the material body. (Plato Phaedo 82e) The Imprisoned soul associates with the body, because of its' incomprehension to get-out from the prison. Therefore, the materiality intrudes more and more to contaminate the soul within the body. In which Plato's divided line steps play the role of gradually freeing the soul from its' own imprison. Despite Plato’s complex theory, It’s philosophy that can lead the human to extract much to tell about how the humans can look at the world from wiser angles than from those of the body. Plato builds his fundamental idea about this theory that what humans see or what they used to see may not be the reality or truth but mere deceptive shadows of truth, and therefore the senses for him are deceiving and unreliable. The soul is immortal, and the body is the mortal part, in which both exist in the living human. According to Plato, when the soul dissociates from the body, the soul leaves the world of becoming and enter the world of being. However, the soul has separate ability away from the body, and this independent existence reflects the most purity state away from the body. (Plato Phaedo 114d)

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Plato showed the struggle within the soul using

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