Spencer Hastings Narrative

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The kindness of strangers ever so rarely comes with a cost; that is why I was so surprised at the cost I had to pay…
It was one year ago.
I, Peyton Lancaster, was cruising down the newly, refurbished hallway towards the cafeteria for what promised to be a pretty more-than-average lunch. As I walked down the hall with my best friend I noticed the new lockers. They made the school look…better. They added a new vibe to the hallway, mainly because of their very exuberant colour and the fact that they were so new that they shine so bright every time the sun’s rays hit off of them; way better than the old, beige, rusty lockers.
As I was busy admiring the lockers, I had hardly listened to a word my friend was saying
“Hello, earth to Peyton?”
I whipped my head around so fast I think I almost gave myself whiplash “I’m here, I’m listening.” That’s was a lie. She probably knew that but started rambling on about something to do with, I didn’t know but that was how she was. …show more content…

She is the type of girl who people get very annoyed with because she is smart. Think Spencer Hastings from “Pretty Little Liars”, add braces and very insane skill for cooking and there you have it. She also has this thing when she talks about subjects she loves; she lights up. Like right at that moment, she was deep in explaining something that I did not now about and I kind of feel bad for not listening but I also love looking at the way she lights up. Her check get fuller and turn a shade of rose-pink; her smile becomes brighter somehow, I don’t know how, but it does; her crimson-brown eyes also seem to

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