Spider M Turn Off The Dark

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After a $75 million dollar investment, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark premiered in the summer of 2011 at Foxwoods Theater. By the time the curtains opened to reveal the highly controversial show, Spider-Man had become the most expensive theatrical production ever produced in the world. The show also opened to many negative reviews and infamous technical difficulties which included an actor falling over 20 feet into the orchestra pit. The budget, which was originally planned at $51 million dollars, quickly snowballed out of hand after numerous delays and high operating costs. However, this did not stop theatergoers from witnessing the controversial spectacle. Its Box office numbers were strong, but it would take much more than solid ticket sales to turn over profit. By the time Spider-Man closed its doors, the production had lost over $60 million dollars, making it one of the most iconic flops in Broadway history (Weiss). More than any recent production, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark highlights the financial risk that goes into producing a Broadway musical. Both non profit theater and commercial theater are driven by financial factors. The risk and financial dependency of American theater in the new century has influenced content that attempts to maximize this financial return. Through its own economic ecosystem, Broadway theater production creates a system that intertwines and supports both commercially viable spectacles and content driven non profit theater. This essay will
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