Spin Masters Toys Case Write-Up Essay

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Spin Master Toys (A): Finding A Manufacturer for E-Chargers

1.) Executive Summary: • Spin Master Toys core competencies are marketing and bringing creative toys to market. • Alex Perez should choose Wah Shing and utilize their core competencies of manufacturing electronic toys. • Electronic components can be difficult to acquire therefore Wah Shing’s relationships with suppliers will be beneficial. • Speed to market is key, therefore Wah Shing has the best capabilities to meet Spin Master delivery commits • Building long-term supplier relationship with Wah Shing is imperative if Spin Masters decides to stay in the electronic toy industry.

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I am faced with stringent time constraints and therefore I cannot risk any possible supply disruptions. As for Wah Shing they have developed good supplier relationships with electrical component suppliers. This is crucial as the components used in E-Chargers are not always readily available. Wah Shing has minimal financial risk, competitive pricing and more knowledge of the componentry that E-Chargers entail. Wah Shing has produced other complex electronic toys and therefore would have the processes and technological capabilities to produce an E-Charger within the stringent tolerances. It would be hard for me to change Wai Lung’s core competencies of die-casting and plastic toys. I do not think with the time I’m allotted I would be able to overcome the knowledge gap they have for electronic toys. Wah Shing’s engineers have the ability to closely monitor the production of E-Chargers and correct any problems that may arise in the manufacturing process. It is imperative to have engineers readily available who can help prevent any potential work stoppages as Spin Masters does not have a lot of time to get E-Charges to market. Lastly, after careful consideration I noticed Hasbro does have relationships with both Wai Lung and Wah Shing. Hasbro has contracted less complex toys to Wai Lung as that’s their core business and more complex electronic toys to Wah Shing. This has

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