Spiritual Maturity And Its Effect On Life

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How do we know if we are spiritually mature? A lack in spiritual maturity can be identified with practicing old habits and actively entertaining old ways of thinking without seeking change. When we put away our carnal way of thinking, we begin to mature in Christ and grow to be the vessel God has predestined us to be.
Spiritual maturity means that you have allowed God to groom you and make you more aligned to His likeness. When one lacks spiritual maturity, it is evident in all they do and flows out into other parts of their life. You will see that many of their actions do not line up with the things that define God and having His likeness. In the scripture, the Apostle Paul first talks about how when he was a child, he spoke as a child. One of the conclusions that can be drawn when thinking of children and their communication is that they do not always think before they speak. Sometimes, the things children say may be true, but their delivery may not come off very pleasing to some people. This is something people in the body of Christ should be mindful of as well. There are times where what we may have to say may be true, but it’s our delivery that makes the difference in whether our point is accepted or rejected by most people. We have to make sure that the love of Christ is displayed, no matter what comes out of our mouth.
Paul also talks about how he understood as a child. Children often times go off what they see before them. They have a very difficult time seeing

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