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EPIP Name: Joseph Sport: Golf Strengths: Skill (4): Driving accuracy off the tee with Driver – provides good positioning for his 2nd shot. E.g. In the video when using his driver, his second shot was always off the fairway, which tells me that he’s accurate. Long Putting – Always gives the ball a chance of going in as he hits it to or past the hole. E.g. He reads the pace and line of the putt correctly. Flop shot around the green – When in a bad position around the green, this shot enables him to escape trouble. The shot means he can hit a very high shot that doesn’t go very far, but stops quickly. Joseph uses this shot when he misses the green to the right, and is hitting…show more content…
This means he needs to make his core stronger to give him more distance from a more powerful swing. Motivation – He needs to work on motivating himself as when he hits a bad shot is has knock on affects, and he becomes over aroused and de-motivated. This is obvious on when he misses the green to the right with a wedge and due to de-motivation doesn’t hit a good next shot. Hand Eye Coordination – If his hand eye coordination improves then mistakes will be limited and his timing will improve. An example of him not having great HEC is when he hits driver off the deck, as he miss-times this shot massively. Reaction Time – When putting he can miss time his putting technique and not strike the ball sweetly causing it to go at the hole at the wrong pace. This then leaves him with a longer putt putting pressure again on the technique. Prioritize Skill Weakness Chipping around the green – Joseph has an inconsistent chipping technique when chipping around the green. He takes the club too far back on the backswing, which then means he has to de-accelerate through the ball. Because of this, he cannot be certain of the strike, and therefore cannot be accurate consistently, which will lead to have negative effects on his scoring. Also, he will lack any backspin and therefore control due to the de-acceleration. To correct this, he needs to shorten his backswing, and then accelerate on the downswing. This will produce a much crisper

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