Sports Management Reflection

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Question #1 summarize what you learned about yourself in this class. I found out that I wanted to pursue a degree in sport management. HPS helped me look into possible career pathways within my major. This class helped me to learn more about future options I may have in sport management that I had never heard of. When I wrote my HPS 101 papers I ended up narrowing the list of possible career options for myself. It allowed me to create a possible four year plan for success as I go through college. My academic plan taught me about required coursework and internships I must complete before graduation. I now know some of the options that I have for potential internships. This course was very beneficial as I transitioned into my freshman year of college. I was walked into college at a pace that was slower than most other freshman experience in this class to help me transition to college. I never considered going into other fields related to sport management, but this course opened my eyes to other options. I will continue to use the lessons that HPS taught me throughout my life in order to have success in my career. As we progressed through the ethics part of the HPS course my eyes were opened to the problems that healthcare professionals face on a daily basis. When I found out about all the career paths in HPS my interest was piqued by all of them that fit me well. I will now pursue one of these career choices as soon as I graduate from Central Michigan University.
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