Sports Medicine Physicians And Athletic Trainers Essay

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It’s all over the news. At least, it’s all over the sports news. There is even a movie that is entirely about this one injury. The invisible injury. An injury that can present itself as simple headaches to nausea to dizziness to complete loss of consciousness. Something that is described as a bruise to the brain caused by a bump or a blow to the head has become an athlete’s worst nightmare: a concussion (What). Concussions are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s world. Some say it is because of the aggression of play, especially in hockey and football. Others will argue that “an increase in the recognition and reporting may be primarily responsible for the increase in incidence since 1997” (Minigh 42). With the increase in concussions in the sports world today, it is imperative that sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers have a standardized way to diagnose and treat traumatic brain injuries. Providers believe standardization is important because it will help teach upcoming physicians how to go about treating concussions generally, as well as giving patients an idea of what to expect from their treatment. This is where technology gets put in the game. With advancements in technology, sports medicine professionals can more successfully diagnose, treat, and hopefully prevent concussions. The prevention of concussions is the hope for the future of medical technology, as studies have shown that once a person suffers from one concussion, they are about four

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