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To: Richard small (tutor)
From: Abu Zahed Anchari
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As the political situation is stable, so its better for business to invest money in securely. In that case, there is no political bad affect in Nike business in the united kingdom.
Economical: Global economic recession also effected in the united kingdom. As a result Nike business is affected for the recession . it is noticible that nike business has falled down in 2009 for the economic recession. But 2011-2012 Nike business again doing performance due to improving the economical condition. Besides increasing the labour cost, increasing the product material cost also affected the Nike business.
Social: social factors have affected in Nike business in the last decades. As people life style is changing everyday, Nike is continuously developing their product according to customer choice. Besides online shopping , emphasis of safety safety, increasing litigation also affected the Nike business.
Legal: In the united kingdom , there are lots of rule and regulation about in business policy and strong taxation policy. Taxation policy also affected the Nike business in the United Kingdom. Besides, they have to maintain proper employment law, age law, environmental law etc.
Environmental: Now a days people are more conscious about environmental issue. So environmental issue can affect the Nike business. During the business Nike have to ensure that their business is eco-friendly

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