Spreader Bar Research Paper

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Many couples want to increase the passion and excitement in the bedroom. They often take to roleplaying games as well as new toys to ignite a sense of fun and discovery. Relationships need that extra spice when the couple has been together for some time. Metal spreader bars can take the relationship to a hotter, spicer level. With a product like the Fetish Fantasy Series Spread 'em Bar and Cuff Set, there are four cuffs that come in the package along with two sets of spread bars. There's also a convenient carrying case for the adjustable, neoprene cuffs as well as the free mask that will arrive. In the package from Pipedream Products, Inc., you'll receive two spreader bars. One spreader bar is 25" for between the ankles, and the other is 12" to keep the wrists apart, and to render the person immobile. The wearer becomes open and available with no chance of getting out of the cuffs and spreader bar. It's a nice way to introduce a little light, bondage games into the bedroom.…show more content…
When you add a sexy toy into the bedroom, you're saying goodbye to the boring and predictable sex you've had previously. The Wowlife Adjustable Steel Spreader Bars with Cuffs Bondage Spreader has both wrist and ankle cuffs on the same bar. The cuffs and bar in this set are meant to keep your partner bent over and spread wide giving you access to their entire body. The point of bedroom games like this is to enrich your senses and heighten the arousal. If she's ever wanted to be possessed and taken, she'll love this spreader bar. It's always important to ensure she's comfortable and safe too. Whether you've been together a few months or a few years, if you want to introduce a wild, unpredictability into your sex life, you'll want to buy a metal spreader bar. They come with cuffs already attached yet they're adjustable for comfort. Sexy toys invite a level of intimacy that can bring you together as a
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