Spring Break Essay

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Dylan Farmer
English 101

Spring break is mainly a time of partying for most teenagers that go to my high school, but I was off to California with my girlfriend’s family to pretty much explore a whole other side of the U.S. California is the place that every person and the world wants to go for their spring break. I was very happy that my girlfriend’s mom is a travel agent, so we got a pretty good deal for the prices of our flight and on the hotel prices. Just for extra fun we drove to Chicago and stayed there for two nights. We explored downtown Chicago, all the amazing buildings. We even got to go into the old Sears Tower, which was something that I think everyone needs to see. It's probably one of the best sights
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I thought to myself how I would rather go on vacations than partying for my spring break. Spring break is where one can actually learn about a different state and see new sightings for the first time. It was a great experience to go on this trip to

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