Spring Hill Community Farm Is A Family Run Organic Vegetable Farm

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Fieldwork Paper Spring Hill Community Farm is a family run organic vegetable farm that caters to the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area. Members purchase a share and pick it up once a week or once every other week depending on what they decide their household needs. Members can also choose to split a share with another member. Spring Hill Community Farm has been owned and run by my parents, Mike Racette and Patty Wright, for 25 years. I’ve often been told that my sister and I take after my dad and his side of the family. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed it even more, not just in appearance, but in personality as well. Mike Racette is a very smart and thoughtful man. He’s always eager to meet new people and share stories. My favorite example of this trait is the time we went to the Minnesota State Fair and took a rideshare bus to the fair grounds. On the short bus ride we were split up and he sat by an older woman. They got talking and by the end of the bus ride, he knew all about her and her family, and she even gave him an extra ticket to the fair that she had with her! While he is very personable, Mike can also be described as someone who highly values time alone and privacy. Mike is a typical goofy, embarrassing dad. After the interview, I realized I had forgotten to ask if he would be prefer to go by Mike or Michael in the paper so I texted him and he replied with “the lord..haha.” Mike has a great sense of humor that helps him to connect with people and make them

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