Squeaky Character Analysis

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Some people's personalities are like pineapples. rough and tough on the outside and soft out in inside. Take Squeaky for example. She is very rough on the inside. Her confidence makes her stay strong and tough, but on the inside of her, is where she's caring for her brother, Raymond.
At first, you might interpret that Squeaky is not nice at all when she is really, is a confident girl who does not like to be a chicken. This takes place in New York City on 34th street. When Squeaky is walking down Broadway with Raymond, her brother, all of a sudden she sees Gretchen and her sidekicks. Gretchen and her nasty sidekicks like to tease Raymond because Raymond has mental disabilities.
Squeaky is on Broadway, where the argument happens and her home
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Squeaky or her full name, Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, is on the track where she and five other girls are going to race. Squeaky is talking to the person coaching the race. Squeaky is at the track where she and five other girls are gonna race 50 yards. Squeaky is talking to the person who is coaching the race about the race. Squeaky feels very confident that she is going to win the race against Gretchen, and four other girls. There are three main people in the scene. One. The coach who is coaching the 50 yard dash, two, Gretchen who is also participating in the same race with Squeaky. Finally, three, Raymond, who is going to chant and help Squeaky by cheering her on with her race. When Squeaky is talking to the coach it seems like she is a little angry at the coach.Squeaky is getting ready for the race and the race official wants Squeaky to purposely lose the race, so she can give someone else a break. “Well Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, gonna give someone else a break this year?” I squint at him real hard to see if he's seriously thinking I should lose the race on purpose just to give someone else a break.” Page 33. Line 235 - 239. Squeaky is not going to give up the race on purpose just to give a person a break.She thinks that she's a little angry at the coach or person that asked her to lose the race on purpose. This takes place where Squeaky does the 50 yard dash. Squeaky has lots of roughness and toughness on the outside, and caring for her brother and wanting satisfaction by her mother on the inside. Sort of like a pineapple. Hard and tough shell, but soft on the inside. I told you all the character traits on the outside of her, and a little on the inside, but you’ll have to read “raymond’s Run’ to figure out all the character traits hiding from
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