St. Augustine's The Confessions And The Gospel Of Luke

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Whether physical, intellectual, or spiritual, journeys can be life-changing experiences that cause the transformation or development of one’s values. Saint Augustine’s The Confessions and the Gospel of Luke demonstrate the journeys of two similar figures, St. Augustine and Jesus of Nazareth. In the Gospel of Luke, the life of Jesus is demonstrated throughout his journey from birth into his ministry, and eventual resurrection into Heaven. Significantly, the Gospel of Luke was written between 80 and 90 AD, whereas The Confessions was written some hundred years later between 397 and 400 AD. The Confessions makes various references to the bible that represent the connection that St. Augustine grew to have with the Lord. In The Confessions, St. Augustine transformed from a sinner that could not give up lust, for the sake of the Lord, into a devout Christian. Throughout their journeys, both St. Augustine and Jesus defied the morals of the people in their society, but were also able to find acceptance among others. The journeys of Jesus and St. Augustine were a challenge and expression of cultural values because even though many of their actions did not align with the cultural values of the society in which they lived, Jesus still preached about the kingdom of God and St. Augustine ultimately accepted Christianity. St. Augustine’s journey led to his transformation into a Christian due to God’s influence, while Jesus’ journey led to his death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven

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