Stability In Any Family Is Important However, Building

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Stability in any family is important however, building and maintaining stability in a blended family is much harder due to the many variables a blended family faces. We will explore some of these challenges and the results of them.
Living arrangements
Living arrangements can be one of the most challenging things for a blended/step family. There is the need for everyone to feel that they have their own space when needed to just escape, while also having a sense of inclusion for all the family members. The hardest thing here is when children go for visitation to the other parent’s home is to ensure that they have what they need for the visitation and making sure those items are returned home. This can often lead to implications between …show more content…

None of the data came from the other household. As a blended family, this is something that could make capturing data tough. There are too many inconsistencies from each households and parenting styles. (Heintz-Martin, V., Entleitner-Phleps, C., & Langmeyer, A. N, 2015)
Study findings consisted of the difficulty of getting fathers to really participate in a family unit let alone a stepfather. For this reason alone, it is common for the children to be a bit distance from the stepfather. Were stepmothers being generally more involved in the day to day happenings. (Heintz-Martin, V., Entleitner-Phleps, C., & Langmeyer, A. N, 2015) This is something that is very present within my own blended family. Though my husband and I have custody of all five of our children and we have lived together for over ten years, my husband is much more distant from my daughter than I am with his children. His children tend to find me as a go to person when they feel they can’t go to either of their own parents. At the end of the day everyone must do their part to make a family unit function. Each person must fulfill their role so that all the puzzle pieces fit together.
Single Parent Household The single parent household also provides an instability for the child(ren). (Juby, Heather, Céline Le Bourdais, and Nicole Marcil-Gratton, 2001) Often the single parent must work long hours, multiple jobs

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